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Idiot's Grace

Winery, Vineyards & Tasting Room

8450 Hwy 30, Mosier, OR

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Our Unique Wines are a Pure Expression of the Gorge

2016 Idiot's Grace Barbera2016 Idiot’s Grace Barbera

2016 Idiot's Grace Cab Franc2016 Idiot’s Grace Cab Franc

2017 Idiot's Grace Dollcetto2017 Idiot’s Grace Dolcetto

2017 Idiot's Grace Sauvignon Blanc Semillon2017 Idiot’s Grace Sauvignon Blanc Semillon

2017 Idiot's Grace Syrah Grenache2017 Idiot’s Grace Syrah Grenache

2018 Idiot's Grace Gamay Noir2018 Idiot’s Grace Gamay Noir