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Idiot's Grace

Winery, Vineyards & Tasting Room

8450 Hwy 30, Mosier, OR

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Welcome to our Wine Club

Being a patron is to experience and support our dedication to this land and these grapes. We tend our certified-organic farm with affection, imagination, and humility and parent our wild-fermented wines in the same spirit. We invite surprise and seek originality from this dramatic growing region.

The varying array of each year’s offerings reflects the circumstances of each vintage and our restless pursuit of suitability between grape and place. Over and over, we ask, “What does this want to be?”

Join us on our journey as we devote ourselves to the long-term health of the land, of all who live and work here, and those who will come after us. We are grateful for the privilege of adorning your table with the results of our work here.

Benefits of becoming a Patron:
• Patrons can choose to receive 2, 4, or 6 bottles four times per year.
• Exclusive access to new releases.
• Complimentary tastings and tours for up to four people.
• 20% discount on wines.
• 30% off of case purchases.

Please select your club level below to join
(bottles per shipment):