Organically Grown Estate Wines
from the Columbia Gorge AVA

Friends, neighbors, colleagues and valued customers:


Thank you for the recent and myriad expressions of fondness and gestures of support. As you know, we have been offered the opportunity to broaden slightly the circumstances of interaction.


We tentatively accept and proceed as a child does when they rise to their feet and begin to walk: cautious and deliberate, steadying after each small step before hazarding another.


Providing specifics of format and timing would amount to pure speculation at this time. Our aim is to adapt to emergent circumstances both internal and external. What we are certain of is that the health and safety of our team, our community and our visitors will be prioritized. We can also commit to crafting and providing an experience that is consistent with our spirit and our values.


Check the Connect page for current details and follow our social media outlets for updates.


We continue to wish you health, hope and connection despite the distance.